N.Suresh M.Com,M.L.I.Sc,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)

From Librarian Desk

Library and information centre plays a vital role in supporting and furthering the academic and research mission of Government Law College, Trichy and facilitates creation and dissemination of knowledge. The range and quality of services offered by the Library are comparable to any modern libraries in Law Schools.

Library serves as a steward of wonderful treasures ranging from Books, Journals,  M.L Dissertations,  Newspapers , Periodicals and Online database for its users community.

Our Library continues to stand at the center of intellectual life in  College campus .We provide our students with the resources and study environment they need, to support them during the course of their studies at GLCT. Library Staffs are available throughout the building and are happy to assist in finding books and journals, searching online resources, accessing other facilities and equipment.

We offer easy access to Reading Hall and Collections. Our Library also open at the week days from 9:30 am till 5.30 pm.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Send your suggestion to improve our services and collection. We value you comments because Library is for you.

I welcome you all to step into our Library and explore the awesome intellectual resources and have a feel of the paradise of Knowledge.Give us a chance to serve you for your Academic Excellence.

Thank you.
N.Suresh M.Com,M.L.I.Sc,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)


Tele 0431-242 0323

Mobile  9884472203

Email  iamnsuresh@gmail.com , glctrylibrary@gmail.com

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