1st Sem:General Perinciples of Political Science

1st Sem: General Principles of Economics

1st Sem: General Principles of Sociology

1st Sem: Law of Torts

2nd Sem: Modern Government

2nd Sem: Political & Consitutional Histroy of India

2nd Sem: Indian Economy

2nd Sem: Indian Sociology

2nd Sem: Law of Crimes

3rd Sem: English-II

3rd Sem: International Relations

3rd Sem: Law & Economics

3rd Sem: Law of Contract -I

3rd Sem:Family Law-I

4th Sem: English-III

4th Sem: Political Thought

4th Sem: Law & Socity

4th Sem: Law of Contract -II

4th Sem:Family Law-II

5th Sem: Indian Public Administration

5th Sem:Jurisprudence

5th Sem: Consitutional Law-I

5th Sem: Law of Property

5th Sem: Law of Evidence

6th Sem: Consitutional Law-II

6th Sem: Company Law

6th Sem: Labour Law-I

7th Sem: Banking Law

7th Sem: Labour Law-II

7th Sem: Environmental Law

7th Sem: Administrative law

8th Sem: Interpretation of Statutes

8th Sem: Land Laws

8th Sem: International Law

9th Sem: Crminal Prcodeure Code

9th Sem:Civil Prcodeure Code

9th Sem: Taxtation Law

10th Sem: Crminology & Penology

10th Sem:Intellectual Property Law

10th Sem: Human Rights